How to Use a Strawberry Planter Indoors


Strawberries are remarkably easy to grow, and while they are normally grown outdoors in areas with temperate climates, they also can thrive indoors, in a special strawberry planter or other container, given the proper care. Strawberry planters are generally made of terra cotta and are shaped like a big jug; they have holes in the sides and on top for strawberry plants to grow in.

Step 1

Fill the strawberry container or planter with a 1- to 2-inch layer of gravel in the bottom, to facilitate drainage.

Step 2

Position strawberry plants in the planter. If using a traditional strawberry planter, put one plant in each opening; if you are using a window box, crowd the plants so they are only about 1 inch apart. Strawberry plants grow very well in close quarters.

Step 3

Fill the rest of the container with topsoil. Make sure the topsoil fills any space between roots and root balls and pat down on top until the plants stand firmly on their own.

Step 4

Water thoroughly and place in a sunny spot of your house that receives at least six or seven hours of direct sunshine a day. Strawberry plants like lots of sun, and they also like it hot.

Things You'll Need

  • Strawberry plants
  • Strawberry planter or container
  • Gravel
  • Top soil
  • Watering can


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