How to Care for Amazon Sword Plants


The Amazon sword plant (Echinodorus amazonicus) is an aquatic plant commonly used in home aquariums. The plant is native to the Amazon River basin. Aquatic plants are vital to keeping your aquarium water clean, releasing oxygen and producing anti-toxins.

Step 1

Keep your tank's water temperature in the 78 to 82 degrees F range. Amazon sword plants prefer medium-bright light (ideally 12 hours per day) and water pH from 6.5 to 7.2. According to, the Amazon sword will not grow well in hard water, because its native environment consists of very soft water.

Step 2

Plant your Amazon sword in a bed of medium-fine gravel, about the size of BBs. Fertilize with an iron-rich fertilizer and change your tank's water at least once a month. Remove dead roots and brown, yellow or damaged leaves.

Step 3

Propagate Amazon sword plants with adventitious roots or by runner. Keep your plant's nodes submersed to encourage formation of plantlets. Twist plantlets off the runner and plant in the gravel.


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