Easy Gardening Projects for Children

Other than growing plants that are well-suited for children, there are a bounty of gardening projects they can take on to either embellish their planting work or to explore other areas of this treasured hobby. Many gardening projects for children do not require a lot of expense, just a little time. These projects are simple to execute and provide the foundation for some great memories right along with the finished product.

Sponge Garden

Kids can plant one of the truly smallest gardens possible by sowing lettuce leaf seeds into a moist sponge. Once your child has sowed the seeds, be sure to put the sponge in a shallow dish and place it in a well-lit area. Soon, masses of lettuce leaves will emerge and adding a water-soluble fertilizer to the water may produce a sizeable crop.

Their Own Pumpkin Patch

Allow kids to plant pumpkin seeds to create their own pumpkin patch. Plant the seeds in May into soil that has been amended with compost or manure. It can be the child's responsibility to regularly water the seeds. An adult should mulch the area well and fertilize it every two weeks. Soon vines and flowers will grow, and then tiny pumpkins will develop at the bottom of the female flowers. Let your child select a pumpkin by writing their initials on a pumpkin or two. Then have an adult use a paring knife to trace over the initials, scraping the pumpkin's skin. As the pumpkin continues to grow, so will your child's initials. Pumpkins can be harvested when the rind is hard and orange.

Grow Some Uncommon Houseplants

When your child is enjoying one of his or her favorite seeded fruits, encourage him to save the seeds and grow some truly unique "houseplants." Seeds from oranges, tangerines and even apples will work well. Allow your child to plant the seeds in moist soil as soon as they are removed from the fruit. Your child can even be responsible for keeping the soil evenly moist. Place it in area where it will receive good light, but not in direct sunlight. The results are likely to be a spiny plant that kids will be proud to have grown and to care for, but it will very unlikely produce any edible fruit. Allowing your child to planting the top of carrot leaves into soil will also grow a unique, kid-friendly houseplant that resembles fern-like leaves. Your child can make an arrangement in a designated area of the house for his own houseplants.

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