Ideas for Garden Pots

There are, quite possibly, as many styles of containers and pots for gardening as there are plants. Some are fancy and intricate, some are classic and elegant, fun and funky or cutting edge and innovative. No matter what type of pot you choose to garden in, you should make sure that there is adequate space and drainage for the plant that will be living in it.

Commercial Options

When most people think of commercially available gardening pots, they think of the classic Terra Cotta pot. These red colored clay-like pots are sturdy and cost-effective, but will often wick moisture and nutrients away from the soil and plant. Plastic options in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors are a recent advent and actually serve to hold moisture in the planter.

Recycled Options

How many plastic bottles, jugs or containers do you go through a week? Each and every one of these can be turned into a garden pot with minimal effort. Using a hot nail, you can poke drainage holes in the bottoms. Cut the tops from the containers, and use them to hold plants. Gallon milk jugs, soda bottles, and kitty litter tubs make ideal candidates. But don't just resort to the plastic items. Planters can be made from old sinks, bathtubs, washbasins, helmets, and even boots. Use your imagination when looking for items to turn into planters. As with all planters, make sure that there are adequate drainage holes in the bottom of any item that is recycled into a planter.

Plant-able Options

For containers that will only house seedlings or plants temporarily, consider garden pots that can be planted directly into the ground. Pots made from newspaper, cardboard, and eggshells work perfectly for this purpose. You can take the "DIY" approach and make them yourself, or buy manufactured options available at most home improvement or gardening stores. When doing it yourself, make sure that any item you use won't harm the ground you'll be planting in. Egg shells are perfect, as they are items that are commonly composted and can provide calcium for your plants to use. Newspaper, held together with flour and water, will break down quickly and easily. Cardboard is a bit more sturdy, but eventually breaks down as well. Neither cardboard nor newspaper provide any nutritional benefits.

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