How to Prevent Seeds From Growing in My Compost Bin


Composting helps to reduce your kitchen and yard waste while turning it to nutrient-rich soil. It can be discouraging to prepare a compost bin only to find a miniature garden growing out of it a few weeks later. You can prevent seeds from growing in your compost bin with a little extra work.

Too Hot to Handle

Step 1

Store all fruit and vegetable seeds in a separate container from the other compost material.

Step 2

Put the seeds in an unwashed cooking pan after completing your meal one evening a week.

Step 3

Fry or boil the seeds for several minutes until browned or fully cooked. This should prevent them from germinating. Mix the cooked seeds into your compost pile during your next trip out to the bin.

Soak and Bloat

Step 1

Place the seeds in a small container that has a snap-on cover.

Step 2

Cover the seeds with water. Seal the container with the cover.

Step 3

Set the container near the compost bin or in one corner of it.

Step 4

Check the contents of the container in a few days. If the seeds are rotted or disintegrating, they are no longer viable. Pour the seeds and fluid in the the compost bin and turn the area with your pitchfork or spade.

Be Free from Weeds

Step 1

Pull young weeds from your garden before they go to seed.

Step 2

Chop weeds with a garden hoe or your lawn mower before throwing them into the compost bin.

Step 3

Remove any weeds that have gone to seed in your vegetable or flower beds and discard well away from the compost area. Weeds with seeds can survive in the compost and become a plague in your garden next year.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not add any toxic plants or seeds into your compost pile.

Things You'll Need

  • Recyclable food container with cover


  • Common composting problems

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