How to Make Acidic Soil Alkaline


The pH level of soil is something you must take into consideration if you grow your own food. Some plants thrive in acidic soil while others require a slightly alkaline soil. Most soil is slightly acidic, so if you want to grow a plant that does best in alkaline soil, you will have to adjust the pH level. This may seem like a difficult task, but it is just as easy as mixing in fertilizer with soil.

Step 1

Test the pH level of your soil. You can do this by getting a pH tester at a garden supply store, or bring a soil sample to a nursery to have them test it.

Step 2

Add pulverized lime to the soil. Pulverized lime increases the pH level faster than other types of lime. The amount needed depends on the type of soil you have. Add 4 ounces of lime per square yard for sandy soil, 8 ounces for loamy soil, 12 ounces for clay soil and 25 ounces for peat soils. If you are unsure about your soil type, bring a sample into a nursery and ask them.

Step 3

Mix the lime into the top 3 inches of the soil with a hoe. Get it mixed as evenly as possible for best results.

Step 4

Water the soil so it is moist. The soil cannot absorb the lime efficiently without water.

Step 5

Check the pH level of the soil around the same time each year. This method will raise the pH level about 1.0 point, but rain will naturally lower the pH level over the course of the year.

Things You'll Need

  • pH tester
  • Pulverized lime
  • Hoe
  • Water


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