Ideas for Landscaping Stones

You can use landscaping stones to add design, dimension and value to your outdoor living space. You can buy landscaping stones at most home improvement stores, garden centers and landscaping supply companies. There are many different types of landscaping stones to choose from, each of which have some ideal uses. Using landscaping stones can turn your outdoor area into a place that you, your family and your friends love to be.

Flagstone Walkway

A flagstone walkway adds color as well as overall usability. Flagstone is a good choice for a walkway as it can be beautiful and boldly colored, adding to the beauty. Flagstone also comes in different sizes, making it easy to work with. Creating a scattered walkway is just as beneficial as creating one symmetrical and continuous walkway. The smooth, thin nature of flagstone makes is ideal, as there is not much digging involved and it will provide a smooth path on which to walk.

Riverbed with Cobblestones

Cobblestone comes in many different colors and patterns. If you will be making a riverbed in your yard, cobblestone is a lovely choice as it is durable and colorful, adding beauty and longevity to your design. You can also use cobblestones on your pathways, surrounding trees and around the edges of gardens if you want to tie in the cobblestone look from one area of the yard to another.

Creating Attractive Walls

Walls are not only useful for retaining soil in yards that have multiple levels, they can also be beautiful. Landscaping stone, such as limestone, is popular for building walls and comes in many different shades. Choosing the same shade throughout will create a uniform look, while choosing different shades to create a wall gives a natural look that will add depth and dimension to an outdoor space. Other popular landscape stone options for walls include sandstone, marble and granite.

Japanese Landscaping

Japanese landscaping makes interesting use of landscaping stones. In this type of landscaping, use the combination of smooth stones in square or circular patterns. You can arrange the stones however you would like, in areas large or small, with definitive patterns using the landscaping stones. Japanese landscaping can be done with the landscaping stones of your choice, but choosing stones that are different colors will allow for the patterns and landscaping to stand out much more than if they are all similar colors or textures.

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