Landscaping Ideas for Walkways

Walkways add beauty, charm and usability to any yard. There are many materials available that will allow homeowners to create the yard and garden of their dreams. A walkway can change the whole look and feel of a garden or yard, while adding value and beauty to your entire home.

Flagstone Walkway

Flagstone is a good material to work with because it comes in many different shapes, sizes and colors so you can create the walkway you desire. Flagstone usually comes in interesting shapes so you will be able to create a walkway even in the most oddly shaped yards or spaces. Because the flagstone is relatively thin, it's a less labor-intensive material than some alternatives--you shouldn't have to do much digging to get the flagstones to lay level with the ground. With flagstone, you can choose to have a very uniform looking walkway or something that is more scattered or sporadic in appearance.

Brick Walkway

Bricks add a very finished look to any outdoor area, so bricks are a popular choice for walkways. Choosing bricks will give you a lot of options because you can lay the bricks in a variety of patterns, even some that will allow the walkway to take on an almost woven appearance. You will be able to choose among different colors of bricks so you can match the brick to your house or simply create an outdoor experience that appeals to you. Building a brick walkway can be very labor intensive, but the finished product is usually well worth the time and effort.

Wooden Walkway

Many homeowners get trapped into thinking that stones and pebbles are the only options for walkways, but this just isn't true. You can create beautiful outdoor walkways with wood that will weave through properties large and small and add a different texture that will bring the space alive. Choose your own wood and build your wooden walkways one at a time or buy a pre-assembled wooden walkway that will make the job easier. Painting or staining will personalize the look even further, turning your outdoor space into your private outdoor oasis.

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