How to Identify Nut Grass


Nut grass is one of the most common unwanted intruders on lawns in the United States. Despite its name, nut grass is actually a type of weed rather than a grass. This fast-growing, quick-spreading weed can be a big nuisance, especially when it comes to removing it. It's important to know that the weed in your yard actually is nut grass because knowing so will help you decide what is best for removing it. At first glance, nut grass looks almost identical to regular glass, but once you get a closer look, you will see very noticeable differences.

Step 1

Look for a patch of grass that is taller than the rest of the grass. Nut grass grows much faster, so it will be easy to spot.

Step 2

Feel the blades and compare it to the regular grass surrounding it. Nut grass is noticeably thicker, coarser and stronger.

Step 3

Look at the stems. Regular grass stems are round and hollow, whereas nut grass stems are triangular and not hollow.

Step 4

Look at the growth pattern. Nut grass grows in groups of three blades bunched together while regular grass typically grows in groups of two.

Step 5

Dig a hole in the ground to find the root of the grass. Nut grass grows from little brown balls that resemble nuts. These balls are called tubers and can be as much as a foot deep in the ground.

Things You'll Need

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