Brick Garden Edging Ideas

Brick is a versatile material that has many uses in the yard and garden. Edging your yard or garden with brick will add depth, dimension, and style to the area, making it a place you love to be. Use brick sparingly or in large amounts, depending on the need, the size of the garden, and personal preference.

Creating a Curve

To add a bit of depth and dimension to your garden, break away from 90-degree angles and add a bit of curve. Instead of laying the bricks in straight lines, create a curve by mapping out a circle or even semi-circles or wavy lines to follow the edge of your garden. This curvy look can be done with one layer of bricks or use several layers of brick, depending on whether you'll be using the wall for decoration or for retaining the soil of the garden. A curved brick garden edge will especially stand out in a yard that is full of straight lines and angles.

Creating a Mini Brick Façade

If you want to add a little more depth and dimension, create a little brick wall around the perimeter of your garden. Start out by creating an outline all the way around the garden. Then, try staggering the bricks to create unique patterns while you build the wall up three to four levels high. The great thing about this type of brick edging is that you get a dramatic look, but you don't need any concrete--rather, the bricks will soon settle into the ground, providing a great garden edge. Enhance the look even more by choosing bricks of different colors, bringing out the colors and the beauty of the vegetation found in the garden.

A Different Angle

Instead of choosing to place the landscaping bricks "long-ways" along the ground, place them so that the shorter end of the brick is in the ground instead of the longer side. You can lay them at an angle or stand them straight up, creating a staggered look. To add more drama, mix different colored bricks by alternating the colors. This will make the garden interesting while creating a distinct edge.

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