How to Plant Jasmine Next to Roses


Jasmine and roses are a beautiful addition to a landscape or garden, especially when planted next to each other. Jasmine shrubs balance out the delicate appearance of roses, and their fragrances blend and complement each other. Some key things should be kept in mind when planting roses and jasmine together.

Step 1

Pick out a location near the roses to plant the jasmine shrub. Use a rake to open up the ground about 5 inches down. Remove any large rocks, dirt clods or roots. Mulch the area.

Step 2

Place a stake about 6 inches from where you want to plant the jasmine shrub; make sure it is securely in the ground.

Step 3

Dig a hole with a shovel next to the stake that is around 6 inches deeper than the jasmine plant's root ball.

Step 4

Fill the hole with 2 inches of loose dirt. Place the jasmine root ball carefully in the hole. Backfill the hole with the dirt you dug from the hole. Pat it down with your hands securely around the root ball. Make sure the dirt covers the root ball up to the base of the jasmine plant.

Step 5

Wrap a piece of cheesecloth around the middle of the jasmine seedling stem and wrap the cloth around the stake; tie a knot to securely attach it. This is to support the jasmine plant.

Step 6

Water the jasmine and the roses at the base of the plants until wet but not soggy once you are done planting the jasmine, as the stress from shifting soil may affect both plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Jasmine seedling
  • Rake
  • Shovel
  • Wooden stake
  • Cheesecloth (at least 24 inches)


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