How to Prune Lime Trees in a Container


Lime trees are an ideal addition to any landscape or garden, and they are even easier to take care of if planted in a container. All fruit trees need pruning, and lime trees are no different. Prune your lime tree in the early spring if the tree is outside, and prune it in late winter if it is inside. Pruning will encourage maximum fruit production and healthy growth.

Step 1

Locate any dead or broken branches on the lime tree, which should not be difficult since the tree is in a container. Use the pruning shears to cut back branches to the point where there is healthy, green wood.

Step 2

Trim back any shoots or suckers (small twiggy branches with leafy growth) that point straight up or down. These will drain necessary nutrients from branches and prevent the tree from producing fruit.

Step 3

Prune back any lime tree branches that are crossing each other or that seem overcrowded to help open up the interior for proper air circulation and access to sunshine.

Step 4

Thin out flowering buds on branches that haven't matured. If these are permitted to produce fruit, then the weight of the flowers, leaves and fruits could snap the lime tree branches.

Step 5

Clear all dead leaves or twigs from the container and discard.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Pruning scissors


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