How to Plant Spanish Broom by Seed


In some parts of the United States, Spanish broom is considered an invasive weed because of its tolerance for poor soils and drought conditions. It is similar to Scotch broom but is of a different genus; its scientific name is Spartium junceum. It is most often used as an ornamental plant or as ground cover in poor, rocky soils.

Step 1

Turn over the area of soil you want to plant. Spanish broom tolerates most any kind of soil, but it must be loose enough for germination. Loosen at least the top few inches of soil with a rake or cultivator.

Step 2

Broadcast the seeds. They need not be in rows, groups or any other method other than simply spread or tossed over the ground that has been broken. If you are planting only a few seeds, be sure you don't press them down any further than 3 inches or so.

Step 3

Rake again to cover them lightly with soil. It's not necessary to painstakingly cover every seed if there are many, but they should have a very light layer of soil over them for best germination.

Step 4

Water the seeded area. Water sparingly so that the shallow-placed seeds don't wash out of the area you desire them to sprout in, but give them enough to moisten the soil.

Step 5

The seeds can be expected to sprout within the month, if warm temperatures are present. No watering besides natural rainfall is needed. If they are planted during late fall or winter, they will not germinate until the spring.

Tips and Warnings

  • Spanish broom seeds don't germinate if buried too deeply. The limit is about about 4 inches. Be sure not to sow them deeper than this.

Things You'll Need

  • Spanish broom seed
  • Garden rake or cultivator
  • Water


  • Washington State Weed Control Board
  • California State Invasive Plant Center

Who Can Help

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Profile
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