How to Cut Citronella Geraniums


Citronella geraniums are a fragrant geranium with a lemon scent. They are also referred to as "mosquito shoo" geraniums because of the citronella scent, although their effectiveness in deterring mosquitoes has not been scientifically proven. These plants are easy to maintain and a once-a-year trimming is usually all that is needed to keep them tidy. The cuttings from a citronella geranium can be used to propagate the plant if desired.

Step 1

Measure the plant. Cut back approximately one-third of the height. The best time to do this is in September, just before the plant slows down for winter and you bring it indoors.

Step 2

Position the shears at a 45-degree angle to the branch you want to cut, just above a "node" or where a leaf extends from a stem, and snip.

Step 3

Repeat this cutting across the top of the entire plant. The top should now be flat, almost like a hedge.

Step 4

Remove the bottom leaves from some cuttings and place them in small pots filled with rooting medium if you would like to propagate your plant.

Step 5

Place the freshly-trimmed plant in a sunny location, and it will start to re-grow in a few days.

Things You'll Need

  • Ruler
  • Small pruning shears or secateurs
  • Small pots (optional)
  • Rooting medium for cuttings (optional)


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