How to Plant Weeping Willows


Weeping willow trees are favorite landscaping trees that work well in zones four through nine. The tree features crooked branches and wispy foliage that dangles down to the ground. Weeping willow trees can grow in dry soil if they are given adequate water. However, the trees truly thrive in moist/wet soil which make them a popular planting around lakes and ponds. The tree has a large canopy that provides shade to both humans and animals. At maturity the trees can reach a height of 50-70 feet and have a width of 40-65 feet.

Step 1

Plan to purchase and plant your weeping willow trees 6-8 weeks before the first expected frost in your growing region. If your area is going through a dry spell, hold off on planting your new trees until the heat wave passes. Keep your trees in a shady area and keep them watered until you can plant them.

Step 2

Choose locations to plant your weeping willow trees that are a minimum 30 feet away from sewer lines, septic tanks and concrete driveways/walkways. The weeping willow's extensive root system can crack concrete and invade septic tanks and sewer lines if they are planted too close.

Step 3

Dig holes that are twice as wide and twice as deep as the containers the trees are housed in. Doing so will give tree roots plenty of growing room as they become acclimated to their new locations.

Step 4

Place your new trees into their holes and refill the holes with the loose dirt. The dirt should completely cover the roots and reach up to the stem of the trees.

Step 5

Use the flat end of a hoe or your hands to tamp down the soil around your newly planted weeping willow trees. This will help the dirt to settle and ensure that there are no air pockets around the roots.

Step 6

Water your newly planted trees. Water again during dry spells or whenever you notice the leaves becoming droopy.

Step 7

Fertilize the soil around your newly planted trees with a 10-10-10 fertilizer. Avoid fertilizing the tree directly as this can burn the trees and cause growing problems. Plan to fertilize your trees twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall.

Step 8

Avoid using a chemical weed killer around your weeping willow trees for at least a year after planting. You will need to pull any weeds that grow around your trees.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Hoe
  • Water hose
  • 10-10-10 fertilizer


  • Weeping Willow Trees - Fast Growing Trees

Who Can Help

  • Forest Service - Weeping Willow Information
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