Edging Ideas for Landscaping

Landscape edging has a simple purpose: to separate two areas, such as grass and gravel. However, just because the purpose of edging is simple doesn't mean that it should be boring or drab. There are literally thousands of creative options beyond standard black plastic edging. In the same way throw pillows and curtains can change the feel of a room, the choice of edging can affect the entire look of the landscape, and is a perfect way to set a particular mood or accent the style of your garden.

Natural Stone

Often overlooked as edging material, natural stones are ideal for edging, especially in informal or nature-inspired landscapes. In many places, you can gather your own stones with the appropriate permits, but to make it easier, many landscape yards sell stones that have either been cut or sorted by size.


Not every type of tile works as landscape edging, but heavy clay tile and natural stone tile can add a beautiful and unexpected look to your yard. Set the tiles on edge, or place them with a corner down to create a diamond pattern.

Created Stone

You can find created stone for just about every purpose, even lightweight decorative boulders. Created stone landscape edging gives the appearance of natural stone without all the work of hauling and selecting stones. Don't be limited to created stone made for edging; look for other created-stone products, such as trim for house facing, that will give your landscape a unique look.


From ornate scroll-work patterns to simple sheet-metal rolls, metal edging is perfect for setting the tone in your landscape. As with created stone, don't limit yourself to metal designed for edging. Wander around a large hardware store for ideas and inspiration. Heavy roof flashing, for example, can be installed as edging, adding a sleek, modern look to your yard. Look for metals that gain character as they age, such as copper.


Traditionally used in all areas of landscaping, from paths to benches and walls, brick is ideal for edging. Create a traditional look with red brick buried at an angle, or create subtle or bold patterns by mixing different colors, shapes and sizes of bricks.

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