Hybrid Seeds for Planting

Hybrid plants are plants that have been purposely grown for certain characteristics. Crossing vegetables with smaller and smaller seeds can eventually produce seedless vegetables, for instance. Commercial growers have been hybridizing plants for decades, and there are some very unusual vegetable seeds on the market.

Seedless Tomato

Burpee seeds has developed the "Sweet Seedless" tomato, the world's first hybrid tomato without seeds. They claim that it's firm and juicy with a high yield. The lack of seeds is what is supposed to make it so sweet. They are ready to pick about 70 days after transplant.

Giant Carrot

The Nandrin hybrid carrot frequently grows 12 to 14 inches long, without being woody or losing its flavor. The flavor is tender and mild, and the carrots are generally around 2 inches in diameter.

Tiny Tomato

Red Current tomato is billed as the world's tiniest tomato; the seed catalog has a picture of three of them fitting into a spoon. It is a South American hybrid, producing fruit about 65 days after you set them out in the garden.

Colorful Peppers

Growers have been hybridizing peppers for years, creating a most colorful salad. There are red, yellow, purple, white, orange, green and striped varieties. All peppers are green to start, but leaving them on the plant will allow them to ripen to various colors.

Super-Sweet Corn

Corn has been hybridized by almost every seed grower. Everyone seems to vie for a sweeter corn every year. There is tiny corn, bi-color corn, early corn, white corn and maple-flavored corn, but all of them claim to have the sweetest corn.

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