Flower Beds for Kids to Grow

Gardening with children can be a fun, family-oriented activity that leaves a positive impression on a child for a lifetime. To plant flowers that best appeal to children, it helps to think like one when selecting appropriate varieties. Flowers that offer quick rewards for planting and those that are easy to maintain are a must. Even if you have a lot of space for your child to start a flower bed, start small. Give the gardening bug a chance to bite and help their gardening interests grow from there.

High-Performance Plants

Include gardening standards like common annuals and perennials that will bloom all summer and are more likely to keep a child's interest. Good options for full-sun are geraniums, petunias or snapdragons. For partial shade, try impatiens and forget-me-nots.

Look and Touch

Textured plants like woolly, fuzzy thyme are irresistible, and okay for kids to touch. The prickly coneflower or delicate maidenhair fern also good options.

Plant the Big, Small and Bizarre

Appeal to kids' interest in growing big things by planting the classic sunflower. On the other hand, go very small and plant small varieties of grape tomatoes very close to the flower beds. Plants that come in striking and unexpected colors are also ideal for a kids' flower bed; try rainbow chard, striped beets or purple carrots.

Plant for Picking

Help your child create his or her own cutting garden by planting snapdragon, cosmos, zinnia, coleus or salvia. The more these varieties of flowers are picked, the more flowers they will produce. Children like to pick, and these plants will bloom even more as a result; it's a win-win situation.

Wild About Plants

Incorporate wild plants like milkweed, dill knapweed and thistle in a flower bed to attract butterflies. These plants are the mainstay of a butterfly's diet, but planting butterfly weed, salvia or monarda may attract them as well.

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