List of Plants From Which We Eat the Flowers

Some plants have flowers that look good enough to eat--and there are many varieties you actually can eat. Knowing what plants have edible flowers and which do not is simply a matter of taking a little time to investigate which species of plants produce non-poisonous flowers. Then, depending on your menu, you can add something savory or sweet to your menu.

Top Picks

Roses, all varieties, are edible and are probably the most common and popular choice among flowers that can be eaten. The darker the variety, the more pronounced the taste. Cornflower or bachelor's button has a clove-like flavor that is mildly spicy to sweet and is commonly used as a garnish. Angelica, an herb plant, offers a taste much like celery and makes a great accompaniment to fish. The strong, clean leaves also make a pleasant addition to salads.

Nice and Neutral

Gladiolus are similar to lettuce in taste and serve as a novel, natural container for mousses or spreads. Individual petals can also be added to salads. Primrose, sometimes called Cowslip, is a sweet and colorful flower that is quite bland to taste and can be added to a salad, cooked as a vegetable or even fermented into wine.

Great Garnishes

Lavender, known for its beautiful purple flowers, is also rather diverse in its consumption options. The flowers serve well as a garnish for ice creams, sorbets and chocolate cake, and the sweet, floral flavor is a nice addition to a glass of champagne. Calendula, commonly called marigolds, are a great edible flower with flavors that range from tangy and peppery to spicy to bitter. The overall taste is similar to saffron and works great as a garnish on rice dishes, soups and pastas.

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