Inexpensive Flower Garden Ideas

Flower gardens provide a lovely complement to any yard or patio. With all household projects, the majority of the expense for a flower garden tend to come from the initial setup. While expensive annual flowers are lovely in a garden, and raised beds make a nice touch, there are many equally lovely and creative ways to make an inexpensive flower garden.


A flowerbed is the area where the garden is placed. Flowerbeds can be directly in the ground, raised with bricks or even in a planter. If you're trying to create an inexpensive flower garden, evaluate your landscape and determine what is already available for the garden's overall design. Look for raised or hilly areas to plant textured gardens, tree stumps for hollowed-out beds or even areas of distinction, such as around the house's foundation.


When considering the various flowers for the garden, longevity and price are the primary elements to consider. Perennials are a variety of plant that returns each year. Some examples of perennial plants are lavender, honeysuckles and lantana. The plants sold at nurseries have overhead fees added into their cost to compensate for the plants having already been sprouted. If you want annual plants or want to save money, consider growing the flowers from seeds. All that is required for germinating seeds are the seed packets (average cost $3), some potting soil, some old or disposable cups and a sunny window.


Retail chemical fertilizers are effective, but equally effective are natural, homemade fertilizers. Coffee grounds provide nutrients and acidify the soil, which helps flowers flourish. Organic garbage such as egg shells, banana peels and melon rinds can be directly buried in the bed to create compost. Larger amounts of organic material can be placed in a chicken wire bin, and with age will provide an endless supply of compost to fertilize your beds. Finally, molasses diluted with water is an excellent source of iron for heavy-feeding flowers.

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