How to Care for a Rose Standard in a Pot


Standard roses provide the gardener with beautiful blossoms that bloom all summer. Planting a rose bush in a plant pot allows for patio or balcony gardens. It expands your space when you have limited planting area. Growing roses in containers enables gardeners with physical limitations that prevent them working at ground level to still grow roses when the container is lifted to table level. Care of a rose in a plant pot mimics the care of roses planted in the ground, with some differences.

Step 1

Mix together 4 gallons compost, 4 gallons perlite and 6 gallons potting soil. Add 1/4 cup superphosphate to the mixture. Use this mixture to plant your rose bush in a 15-gallon plant pot. This soil will encourage root growth and flower production.

Step 2

Water the rose bush thoroughly by drenching the container until water runs out the bottom of the plant pot. Containers dry out quickly and requires at least 1 inch of water per week. During hot weather, you will have to water your rose bush daily.

Step 3

Mulch the top of the soil in the container with 2 to 3 inches of wood chips or shredded bark. This will help conserve water.

Step 4

Feed your roses every 6 to 8 weeks during the flowering season. Keep all fertilizer off the leaves and canes. Do not feed your rose after September 1 since this will cause soft, new growth to occur when the weather turns icy.

Step 5

Remove dying roses with a sharp pair of garden shears. This will help keep the roses blooming and encourage new growth. Prune dead or diseased canes and suckers when needed. Do not prune severely in the summer.

Step 6

Reduce the amount of watering during the winter. Roses need some dry spells to go dormant. Discontinue feeding and leave the last blossoms on the plant to stop growth. Cut the canes back to 36 inches after going dormant. Tie canes together with heavy duty twine to minimize damage from winter storms and add 2 to 3 inches of extra mulch to the top of the soil. Move to a sheltered area.

Tips and Warnings

  • Check the rose plant over for plant disease and pests. Apply fungicides and pesticides according to their directions on the labels to control the infestations.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 gallons compost
  • 4 gallons perlite
  • 6 gallons potting soil
  • 1/4 cup superphosphate
  • 15 gallon plant pot
  • Standard rose bush
  • Water
  • Mulch
  • Fertilizer
  • Garden shears
  • Twine


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  • Seasonal Rose Care
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