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There are several different plant species that are called money trees. The most common is Pachira glabra. They are often seen in the home as bonsai trees with braided trunks.


Pachira glabra is the botanical name for the money tree. Other botanical names include Bombax glabrum and Bombacopsis glabra. This tree may also be known as the lucky tree, the French peanut, and the Guinea peanut.


The money tree plant comes from Brazil. In hotter locations (zones 9 to 11), it can be grown outdoors. In all other locations it should be used as a houseplant.


In nature, the tree reaches 30 to 60 feet tall. It is often pruned to stay small and live as a houseplant.

Sun and Water Needs

Grow the money tree plant in a location that receives full sun to part shade. This tree does have some resistance to drought.


The money tree plant will grow well in many different kinds of soil.


In the United States, the money tree plant is a common bonsai. The seeds, leaves and flowers are edible. Some cultures use the bark as a remedy for headaches and stomach problems.


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