How to Prune Lemon Tree Seedlings


Lemon trees are an ideal addition to any garden or landscape for their delicious fruit harvest, fragrant flowers and attractive appearance. There are several varieties of lemon trees, and usually they are bought as seedlings from a nursery before being planted in the ground. Although they require very minimal pruning as a seedling, it is still necessary to get rid of any dead or twiggy growth, and if desired, begin to shape and train them before planting.

Step 1

Remove any diseased (on seedlings this is very rare), dead or broken branches from the seedling. Use the pruning scissors very carefully, so you don't tear the tender bark of the seedling's trunk.

Step 2

Remove any twiggy growth coming from the bottom base of the lemon tree seedling, or that is growing without any foliage on the branches. Use the pruning scissors

Step 3

Prune the lemon tree seedling if you are trying to shape it early on to plant in the landscape. Use the pruning scissors to carefully thin out a couple of the weaker-looking branches, as well as cutting back fast-growing branches to the node closest to where the ends of the other branches reach.

Step 4

Water the lemon tree seedling generously after pruning or shaping, as it will be dehydrated and need extra water.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning scissors
  • Water


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