How to Make Lantana Cuttings


Lantana, also called white sage, is a shrub-like flowering perennial with bicolored blooms that grow in clusters. The blooms are often shades of purple, yellow, orange, white or blue, and the plant emits a pungent and slightly spicy aroma. Lantanas are often grown in containers or in beds on slopes to help control erosion. Cuttings are a great way to propagate them. The only drawback is that cuttings take a long time to rebloom, although not as long as it takes seeds to bloom. Cuttings also are necessary for propagating newer varieties of lantana, which are nearly sterile and don't produce seeds. Lantana cuttings root very easily, making this a popular propagation choice for gardeners.

Step 1

Make cuttings in midsummer or fall. Take cuttings from green wood or semi-ripe stems. Use a sharp knife or pruning shears to cut non-flowering shoots down 3 inches. Make sure you take the cutting from end growth that has at least two nodes.

Step 2

Remove any leaves that will touch the rooting medium or soil. Plant the cutting in a pot filled with peat moss and sand or perlite. Be sure to dip the cutting's ends in a hormone-rooting medium before inserting it in the soil.

Step 3

Keep the soil moist at all times. Avoid making the soil soggy or waterlogged because this will create rot.

Step 4

Cover the planter with a clear plastic bag for two to three weeks, until the cutting roots. Make sure you place the container in bright, filtered light.

Tips and Warnings

  • Don't let pets or children eat lantana seeds. The seeds are highly toxic when green, but they lose their toxicity when they turn black.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears or sharp knife
  • Planter pot
  • Peat moss
  • Sand or perlite
  • Hormone-rooting medium
  • Clear plastic bag


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