How to Build Patio Container Gardens


Patio gardens add beauty to your surroundings and increase the value of your property. Building a patio garden requires planning to design an easily maintainable garden. Whether you want to build a garden for a crop of vegetables and spices for cooking and eating or a garden full of beautiful plants and flowers of all sizes and shapes, a patio container garden can accomplish both.

Step 1

Create a large drawing of your patio in pencil. Know how much space the patio offers for your container garden. Use a measuring tape and mark the findings on the drawing, which is vital information when purchasing or constructing containers for your patio garden.

Step 2

Include any objects in this area in the drawing, such as steps, railings, doorways, chairs and so on. Incorporate these items into the patio garden design when possible.

Step 3

Decide what you want to grow. Vegetable gardens require at least six hours of full sun and most need deep containers, whereas flower or herb gardens call for less sun and offer a variety of size requirements. Remember annual plants and flowers will require yearly planting in the containers on your patio. Choose perennial types of plants to avoid this. Utilize both types of plants in your garden for an ever-changing appearance.

Step 4

Decide if you want a number of small pots spread throughout the patio or in groups, large pots or a combination of both. Remember to use hanging pots in your patio garden design when possible.

Step 5

Pick the types of containers for your specific patio garden needs (see Tips below for ideas). Add all of these containers to the drawing in appropriate locations.

Step 6

Acquire (or create) the needed containers for the patio garden. Place the containers in the areas selected on the drawing. Envision the containers with plants growing and how it would look, if you do not have the plants yet.

Step 7

Move containers around to other parts of the patio. Try this several times until you like what you see. Remember you can add more containers later, if desired.

Step 8

Fill the containers with high-quality potting soil. Use new seeds or healthy transplants for your patio garden.

Tips and Warnings

  • Water the container garden often, but only when needed. Wait until the top 2 inches of soil dries before watering.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Containers


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