How to Prune a Polar Joy Tree Rose


Polar Joy tree rose is a hardy tree rose which boasts soft pink blossoms that bloom through the entire summer. It has a stem that is 3 to 6 feet tall and medium green foliage. Many gardeners like to plant it among low-growing perennials and roses, or as an accent in a container. Many tree roses are actually a few roses grafted together, the polar joy is the same plant from top to bottom. It grows fast in full sun, and is widely adaptable to different soil types. Prune polar joy tree rose to keep it healthy and create the perfect form.

Step 1

Prune polar joy three to four weeks before the last killing frost occurs in your region. This is the dormant period for the plant and will result in the least amount of damage.

Step 2

Look for canes that are rubbing against each other or crossing each other. Remove one of the two of them by cutting with shears in the place they meet other canes or the central leader.

Step 3

Remove canes that are smaller in diameter than a pencil. Also cut off those that look spindly or straggly.

Step 4

Shape the polar joy tree rose by cutting unwanted canes at a 45 degree angle, 1/2 inch above an outside bud. Make the lowest point of the cut on the side of the cane opposite from the bud, not on the same side as the bud.

Step 5

Cut canes that are diseased, damaged or weak. This can be done any time of the year. Cut them off where they connect with healthy wood. Make the cut at the healthy part.

Step 6

Get rid of faded, spent flowers by cutting the cane where the first five-leaflet leaf is located. Leave at least two sets of leaves on the branch to promote further blooming.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never prune the main stem or trunk of a tree rose.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand pruners
  • Gloves


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  • Nature Hills Nursery
  • Texas A&M
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