How to Propagate Brugmansia


Brugmansia is a fast-growing, semi-woody shrub that can be grown in a container or planted in the ground. The plant is coarse in texture, reaches a height of 6 to 15 feet and produces long trumpet-shaped flowers with a sweet fragrance. Propagate the brugmansia shrub by taking softwood cuttings from the dormant plant and rooting them indoors prior to spring planting.

Step 1

Disinfect all tools and pots being used during the propagation process with a solution that is nine parts water, one part bleach. Let everything dry prior to use.

Step 2

Cut 6-inch lengths of older brugmansia growth in late spring through early summer. Make the cut at an angle approximately 1/2 inch below a leaf node. Remove leaves from the lower stem. Cut top leaves in half vertical from the spine if they are large. This removes the top of narrow portion of the leaf.

Step 3

Purchase sterile rooting media or mix your own. Common mixtures are and equal mixture of sharp river sand and peat moss or perlite and peat moss. The end result is a medium that drains well yet holds enough moisture for rooting.

Step 4

Fill potting containers with moistened media. Use a spoon handle to making an indentation in the soil.

Step 5

Dip the cut end of the cutting into rooting hormone. Gently tap the cutting to remove excess powder. Slip the cut end into the soil indentation and lightly close the hole to hold the cutting in place. Several cuttings can be placed in the same pot.

Step 6

Place the container in a tray of water until the soil is completely moistened. Drain the container and place a cover on top or set in a plastic bag.

Step 7

Place the covered container in a lighted area without direct sunlight. Open the cover once a day for 10 minutes for air circulation. Water the pots regularly to keep the soil moist but not wet.

Step 8

Check the cutting for root formation by gently pulling upwards. Roots have grown if there is resistance. Transplant rooted cuttings in sterile potting soil.

Tips and Warnings

  • The entire brugmansia plant is poisonous and should not be consumed by humans or animals.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand pruner
  • Water
  • Bleach
  • Sterile rooting media
  • Potting container
  • Spoon handle
  • Rooting hormone
  • Watering tray
  • Clear plastic cover


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