Garden Fencing Ideas

Garden fencing can serve multiple purposes, including keeping people and animals from traipsing over the gardening enthusiast's green thumb endeavors. Garden fencing can also add function and charm to the landscape, keep children and pets from straying, provide privacy or keep four-legged wildlife out.

Natural Material Fences

Log fencing evokes rustic, country charm. Imagine a rambling rose trailing across the wood rails. Small-diameter wood limbs can be woven between stronger wood uprights to create a fence suitable for use as a trellis for flowers or vegetables that vine. Stones like slate or limestone can be dry stacked (without mortar) or mortared in place to create a stone wall.

Living Fences

Shrubs planted close together can provide privacy as well as deter foot traffic. When planted close together, prickly bushes like barberry or roses can produce an effective fence. Any evergreen hedge like boxwood will work year-around. Lavender planted close together will produce a gentle and delightfully scented barrier that can even keep cats out of the garden. Large planters of trees or shrubs can be placed side-by-side to deter foot or vehicle traffic.

Metal Fences

Wrought iron fences are not only functional but decorative as well. Often painted black, wrought iron fences were popular in the Victorian era and often featured spear-head pickets. Chain link fence is an economical approach to metal fencing, and while it lacks charm, it does provide security to the homeowner.

Block Formation Fences

Brick and concrete blocks aren't just for home building. A wall created from mortared brick or concrete block can be a tall, solid structure that provides optimal privacy. o create a more open wall that will allow air to circulate, space apart the first row of bricks or blocks about half the length of a brick or block. Center the next row of bricks or blocks over each opening created in the first row Following this process of centering each subsequent row of bricks or blocks over the opening in the row below creates a portal effect.

Pickets and Arbors

A long arbor can create a type of garden fencing that can be designed so only the homeowner can walk through the arbor while the arbor's "wall" becomes the fence to keep others out. Picket fences made of easy-care vinyl, wood or bamboo can be designed to suite your need for privacy or for retaining or deterring traffic.

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