How to Care for Bonsai Dragon Trees


Dracaena Bonsai trees (dracena marginata) are native to Madagascar, so they are often called the Madagascar Dragon Tree. The trees tend to vary in size--they can grow up to 12 inches tall as bonsai trees and 20 feet tall as outdoor trees. Some can be tall and narrow, while others grow to be wide. You can purchase several types, including Colorama, tri-color, magenta and bi-color. You can learn how to care for bonsai dragon trees in a few steps.

Step 1

Check the soil moisture level once a week. Reach one-third of the way into the soil with your finger. Let the soil dry to your touch between waterings.

Step 2

Examine the leaves. If they appear yellow in color, you're watering the bonsai dragon tree too much or too little. Dracaenas do well when they are soaked once a week. Add more water during the warmer months when the air is drier.

Step 3

Wipe off dust that accumulates on Dracaenas' wide leaves. Use a damp cloth.

Step 4

Keep bonsai dragon trees in bright, indirect light. Move them away from direct sun in the afternoon. If you notice very slow growth, it may be because the light is too low.

Step 5

Mist the leaves of the bonsai every few days if you have low humidity inside. The trees prefer a moderate amount of moisture in the air.

Step 6

Feed bonsai dragon trees once or twice a month with a liquid fertilizer. Choose a water-soluble solution and apply it per manufacturer's instructions. Don't feed the plants in the late autumn or winter.

Tips and Warnings

  • Don't let bonsai dragon trees sit in water for more than an hour.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Moist cloth
  • Plant mister
  • Water-soluble fertilizer


  • Bachman's
  • Denver Plants
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