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While conifers are commonly grown to serve as Christmas trees, the conifer family is actually available as trees and shrubs and serve a wide range of landscape functions. If you're looking for a tree to serve as a screen, windbreaker or haven for birds, then plant a confier. Plant them to grow up high, as the traditional pines will certainly do or plant them low, using juniper as a groundcover, just know that planting conifers will offer wonderful landscape addition every season of the year.

Step 1

Plant at the right time. Plant a conifer in early spring or fall when temperatures are moderate and rainfall is typically plentiful. Wait until an overcast day when soil moisture is ample. Choose a spot where the plant will receive full sun and that contains well-drained soil.

Step 2

Prepare the area to receive the tree. Use a shovel to dig an area approximately five times the diameter of the root ball, about 1 foot deep.

Step 3

Remove the plant from the container. Use your hand to tap around the pot to loosen the roots. Trim any roots that are growing out of the draining holes with a pair of gardening shears. Place the container on its side. Support the stem and top of the tree and gently slide the conifer out of the container.

Step 4

Place the tree into the planting area. Fill the area with soil. Pack the soil firmly but not around the root ball. Water the soil. Follow a regular water regimen until the tree is established. Place a layer of mulch around the base of the tree to help conserve moisture.

Step 5

Set a conifer grown in burlap directly into the prepared area. Fill about one-third of the hole with soil. Remove the burlap and cord far enough to expose the top of the soil. Add more soil to the planting area, burying the burlap sack. Water the soil. Place a layer of mulch around the base of the tree to help conserve moisture.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Gardening shears
  • mulch


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