How to Care for a Campanula Plant


Campanula also is known as bellflower. There are approximately 300 varieties of campanula, including annuals, biennials and perennials. Their trumpet-shaped flowers are white, rose, blue or purple. The different varieties grow from 3 inches high to about 4 feet high. The shorter varieties make good ground cover for areas that do not receive foot traffic.

Step 1

Grow campanula in full sun to partial shade. The shorter the variety, the less sun required. Campanula likes the dappled shade of deciduous trees and makes an excellent ground cover beneath them. It also benefits from the shade tree's roots, which loosen the soil as they grow deep underground in search of moisture. The roots of campanula will do the same thing.

Step 2

Grow campanula in unimproved soil. It grows well in any type of soil, except heavy clay or waterlogged, marshy soil.

Step 3

Water campanula only in times of extreme drought. Its deep-growing roots will seek out and find water deep underground and will thrive with only natural rainfall.

Step 4

Cultivate to remove weeds as campanula does not favorably compete with them, especially lawn grasses. Put down a mulch of hay or straw about 2 inches thick to suppress the growth of weeds and reduce competition for water and nutrients.

Things You'll Need

  • Mulch
  • Hose


  • Grow Campanula (Bellflowers)
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