How to Prune a Grey Bird of Paradise


Bird of paradise (strelitzia reginae) is a tropical-looking flower. It resembles a bird in flight and is truly a showpiece. The bloom is a combination of grey-blue flowers and orange sepals. They appear throughout the year, giving gorgeous color. Healthy flowers can produce up to 40 flower spikes per year, and they last two weeks when cut. For best results, grey bird of paradise needs fertilization and pruning. This keeps the flower at its healthiest.

Step 1

Prune a grey bird of paradise regularly by removing with your hand any dead leaves on the flower, or cut them off with pruning shears. Make the cut at the spot where the leaves meet the stem.

Step 2

Pull off old flower stalks when they finish blooming to improve the appearance of the plant. They will shrivel up as another bloom prepares to emerge. Removing them will keep the flower looking fresh and will reduce the likelihood of fungi building up on the dead tissue.

Step 3

Water the grey bird of paradise after it has been pruned to ensure that it rebounds and recovers. The flower prefers moist soil, so check an inch or two deep with a finger to ensure that it's not drying out.

Step 4

Place the plant in a bright and sunny spot after pruning to make sure it gets essential nutrients. The flower needs full sun in the summer and as much light as possible in the winter to bloom.

Tips and Warnings

  • Don't expect blooms on new plants right away. It takes a few years.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Pruning shears


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