How to Remove Squirrels


For many, squirrels are cute and cuddly looking little pranksters that are fun to watch while they run and caper about. Not so to the home gardener. For them, squirrels are cagey and clever little rodent pests who threaten all of their hard work and effort in the garden. Thankfully, there are a few relatively simple solutions that may help keep the squirrels from eating all of the fruits of your labor.

Step 1

Spray organic squirrel repellent around the garden. Most home and garden stores sell ready to use squirrel repellent that is off-putting to the squirrels very sensitive sense of smell. These types of repellents should be used as per the packaged instructions and reapplied after any heavy rainfall.

Step 2

Make your own squirrel repellent. If you are not comfortable spraying pre-packaged squirrel repellent in your garden, you can make a batch of you own. Mix six teaspoons of oil based soap with three tablespoons of cayenne pepper and a gallon of water. Spray this blend around your garden. Both the oil based soap and the cayenne pepper will act as deterrents for the squirrels.

Step 3

Sprinkle powdered predator urine concentrate around the outskirts of the garden. Many home and garden stores will sell a powdered concentrate of predator urine--usually fox or coyote--that simulates these animals marking their territory. The squirrels will smell the urine markings and avoid the area that houses the supposed predator.

Step 4

Give the squirrels something else to eat. If the squirrels have another ready source of food, it is likely they will leave your garden alone. Installing a corn or peanut feeder for the squirrels will generally result in the squirrel leaving your garden alone, as well as providing a source of enjoyment in watching the squirrels feeding.

Step 5

Set out live traps. If all else fails, you may need to resort to setting out live animal traps to capture and relocate the squirrels away from your property. These traps can generally be acquired from your local home and garden store.

Things You'll Need

  • Organic squirrel repellent
  • Oil based soap
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Predator urine concentrate
  • Squirrel feeder
  • Live animal trap


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