List of Hybrid Tea Roses

Tea roses are by far the most popular type of rose. Their large, fragrant flowers make excellent cut flowers that brighten any room or garden, and they are not difficult to care for. The first in the class was La France, which appeared in 1867. Today, there are thousands of varieties, with new ones appearing every year. Learn about some of the most popular varieties of hybrid teas.


Varieties with eye catching red blossoms include Chrysler Imperial, which has large, dark-red blossoms; Mr. Lincoln, with strongly scented, deep-red, double blossoms; and Olympiad, which has full, bright-red blossoms.


Pink roses are some of the most popular. Fragrant varieties include the large, bright-pink blossoms of Bewitched, with its rosy fragrance; the pink-white blossoms of Brigadoon, with a mild tea fragrance; the very fragrant, medium-pink, double blossoms of Century Two; the large, pink, blended blossoms of Color Magic, with a mild, fruity fragrance; the fragrant, dark-pink blossoms of Miss All-American Beauty; the large, strongly fragrant, medium-pink blossoms of Perfume Delight; the slightly fragrant, pink-blended, double blossoms of First Prize; the sweet fragrance of Sheer Bliss, with its delicate, pale-pink blossoms; the full fragrance, pinkish, yellow blossoms of Tiffany; and Royal Highness has very fragrant, light-pink, double blossoms. Less fragrant varieties include Duet, which has slightly fragrant, medium-pink, double blossoms; Secret, with its creamy inner petals and pink edging; and Touch of Class has large, orange-pink blend blossoms with a mild fragrance. Dainty Bess is one of the few single-blossom tea roses, with dainty pink blossoms that resemble a wild rose.


Yellow roses range from bright, sunny yellows to pale, almost white ones. Slightly fragrant varieties include the double blossoms of King's Ransom; Oregold, with deep-yellow, double blossoms; the musky-scented, large, golden-yellow double blossoms of Midas Touch; the deep-yellow, double blossoms of Summer Sunshine; or the medium-yellow blossoms of Sunbright. Others known for their striking appearance are Elina, with large, light-yellow blossoms; Graceland, with medium-yellow, double blossoms; or the large, creamy, light-yellow blossoms of Peace.


Striking oranges include Brandy, with large apricot-blend blossoms and a sweetly mild fragrance; Fragrant Cloud, with its large, deep-orange-red blossoms that are extremely fragrant;Tropicana, with rich double blossoms and fruity fragrance; and the rich, coral blossoms of Folklore.


Delicate white varieties include the softly fragrant Garden Party, with white blossoms that are tinted pink on the outside; Honor, with slightly fragrant, double blossoms; the large blossoms of Pascali, which has a tea fragrance; and the slightly fragrant Pristine, with blossoms that are white to light pink. One of the most stunning white varieties is John F. Kennedy, which has white buds with a green tint, opening into pure white, double blossoms.


Varieties with lavender tones include Barbara Steisand, with deep-lavender buds that open into layers of lavender tones; Blue Girl, which has large, mauve-lilac blossoms with a fruity fragrance; Heirloom, with slightly fragrant, mauve-blended blossoms; the slightly fragrant Lady X, with mauve-blended, double blossoms; the lavender-magenta blossoms of Paradise; or Sterling Silver, which has lavender blossoms with silver undertones.

Multi-Colored Blends

Multi-colored blends may include the most varieties. The combinations are endless. Some of the most stunning are Broadway, with extremely large, peachy-pink blossoms; the double blossoms of Double Delight, with their yellowish-white center and ruby-red edging; Just Joey, with huge, apricot blended blossoms; Medallion, with apricot-blended, double blossoms and a soft fragrance; the slightly fragrant yellow-blend blossoms of Rio Samba; and Seashell, which has mildly fragrant, salmon-pink blend blossoms. More fragrant varieties include Chicago Peace, which has double, bright-yellow blossoms, with pink edges and a fruity fragrance; Granada, which has yellow-red blended, double blossoms with a spicy fragrance; and the strongly fragrant Voodoo, with double blossoms in a blend of orange, yellow and red.

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