How to Get Rid of Strawberry Plants


The roots and runners of strawberry plants can be hardy and will survive incomplete efforts to remove them. The easiest and best way to rid a patch of soil of strawberry plants is by manual removal, with persistent maintenance pulling over a season or two. Chemical herbicides can be applied, but they often taint the soil and make replanting troublesome.

Step 1

Grasp strawberry plants and runners at the crown of the plant and pull the roots and tops out of the soil. Remove all above-surface growth this way.

Step 2

Pull a fixed-tine rake through the soil to remove buried roots and runners. Discard the roots and runners in a compost pile or trash bin.

Step 3

Leave strawberry plants uncovered over the winter in colder climates. Strawberry plants will be damaged or killed at temperatures below 15 degrees F.

Step 4

Spray strawberry plants with a broadleaf herbicide from your local nursery. Apply it sparingly on a day with no wind and wear a ventilator mask for protection. Apply according to label directions and only as a last resort.

Things You'll Need

  • Fixed-tine rake
  • Broadleaf herbicide


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