Rose Flower Information


With their fragrance, color and beautiful blossoms, roses have been well-loved by people for centuries, so much so that thousands of kinds exist, created by devoted fans.


Rose flowers are complete and perfect--complete because they contain all four possible parts of a flower (sepals, petals, stamen and carpels) and perfect because they are both male and female in one flower.

Cut Roses

Cut roses sold by florists are specially grown in greenhouses and the tropics and don't usually work well in gardens. Some varieties like Bridal White will work in gardens.


Cutting the spent flowers off rose plants, a practice known as deadheading, encourages the plant to produce more flowers.


When rose flowers are pollinated, they produce fruit. These fruits are called rose hips. The flower won't produce hips if you cut it.

Edible Petals

Rose petals are edible, as are hips. Cut off the white part at the bottom of each petal, which is bitter. Do not use the petals or hips of plants if they have been exposed to chemicals.


Roses come in many colors. Two colors that flowers will not display are blue and black. "Black" roses are actually a very dark red. "Blue" roses are actually a very light purple.


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