Creative Landscaping Ideas for a Patio

Add color and design to your patio with plants and flowers. Vibrant green bushes mixed with colorful creeping vines form a cohesive space. Mix in colorful containers filled with draping sedum plants and evergreen shrubs. Attract adult butterflies by planting their favorite flowers in orange, yellow and pinks, such as marigolds and zinnias with their colorful blooms. Add a decorative trellis against a patio wall to grow electric blue morning glories, which shoot open in the early morning and swirl to close in the evening.

Patio Trellis

Make your patio wall stand out with a vine trellis. Attach the trellis to a wall on the patio and plant a fragrant yellow jasmine or grapevine. There are many varieties of creeping vines to choose from that will create a live and lush wall in your patio space. Creeping hydrangea and wisteria begin their blooming season in the spring and will last throughout the summer. The tendrils of vines attach to the trellis and grow up toward the sky. For a wild design, let the vines grow at will, without training them up the trellis. For a manicured design, train the vines to create a pattern or shape. Prune the trellis back once every 2 weeks during the growing season. Alternatively, if your patio does not have a wall, you can insert the base of the trellis into a container and place the structure along the patio as a makeshift wall.

Green Accents

Enhance the flowering vines by planting green bushes and trees in varying heights and widths around the patio space. Bring in boxwood and dwarf spruce, which will add texture to the patio. Plant green herbs in containers and nestle them around the space for a sweet-smelling addition. Dark green cedar bushes mixed with lime green sedum plants add luster to your patio. Ficus trees, which flourish in containers, add height to the patio and will tie the space together. Place one ficus tree on either side of the entryway to the patio for an inviting addition to the space.

Bright Blooms

Use colorful flowers in hanging baskets and containers around the patio. Plant petunias and violas for bursts of color and texture. Verbena, with its bright orange and red blooms, will billow out of the hanging baskets. Spring bulbs like daffodils and tulips can be grown in baskets and containers and placed around the patio. Mix them together to create a lovely spring design. Other hardy plants like impatiens, with their rainbow of colors, add height and fill in empty spaces.

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