Facts About Tomato Seeds


Growing tomatoes from seeds affords home growers with the opportunity to enjoy this favorite fruit, literally from the ground up. Tomato seeds are a popular choice for home gardeners because they are easy to grow and can produce an abundance of fruit.


The hundreds of varieties of tomato seeds available range from an heirloom to the small, sweet, cherry type. Hybrid tomato seeds produce better fruit and resist diseases common to the plant. The Big Beef variety is disease-resistant, and the Jet Star is lower in acid than most varieties.

Growing Requirements

Tomato seeds do not require sunlight until they have sprouted. Plant seeds in shallow trays in sterile potting soil, not common garden soil.


To save tomato seeds from the fruit, you must following a fermentation process.


Tomato seeds can grow successfully in commercial flats or simple plastic or plastic-foam cups with holes poked in the bottom.


Tomato seeds are widely available at garden centers and nurseries or through mail-order catalogs.


Tomato seeds should be started indoors about six to eight weeks before you plant them outdoors.


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