How to Decorate an English Ivy Plant


An English ivy plant is an evergreen that climbs and crawls as you train it on a trellis, front deck or even a fence. English ivy is notorious for growing well in virtually any soil condition. Showcase your English ivy plant by decorating it.

White Lights

Step 1

Lay the string of miniature white lights on the ground near the English ivy plant.

Step 2

Plug the lights into an electrical source near the plant.

Step 3

Wrap the miniature white lights loosely around the ivy. Start at the base and work your way up the plant.

Step 4

Unplug the lights when you are not available to attend to them.

Red Ribbons

Step 1

Purchase small red ribbons to place on the English ivy. If the plant is outdoors, use ribbons made from all-weather material.

Step 2

Loosely tie a small red ribbon every three to six inches on the plant. Follow the natural lines of the plant. Only place the ribbons on the outer edges of the ivy where they can be seen.

Step 3

Tie larger red ribbons on the trellis or whatever the ivy is trained to follow. This will frame the plant and showcase it for you.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never leave lights turned on and unattended.

Things You'll Need

  • Outdoor miniature white lights
  • Small red ribbons
  • Large red Ribbons


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