Houseplants That Flower

Flowering houseplants offer a beautiful accent to your home and can bring color and life to any space. One that is hardy and easy to care for also makes an excellent housewarming or hostess gift. Consider these plant possibilities if you would like more than just greenery in your houseplants, choosing one that will do best in your home conditions.


One of the most shade-tolerant houseplants that flower is the African violet. This classic plant offers easy care and lovely flowers in a variety of colors. Bromeliads of all sorts grow well in lower light situations, offering a bright and colorful accent for six to 12 weeks. Encourage the plant to reflower by placing a well-watered bromeliad into a sealed plastic bag with a cut-up apple. Gloxinia is another possibility for indirect light or shade, with flowers in blues, pinks and purples. Gerbera daisies will not flower more than once, but they are a beautiful indoor accent in filtered light situations until the flowers fade.

Partial Sun

One of the most sculptural and elegant choices for an indoor flowering plant is the calla lily, which comes in a variety of colors. Cinneraria are a bold and vivid flowering houseplant option, but are again a fairly short-term option, as they need to be discarded when the flowers fade. Kalanchoe thrives in partial sunlight. While this flowering houseplant is often treated as disposable, it can be placed into bright light and fed bi-weekly after the flowers are removed, and it will reflower. Begonias thrive in partial light conditions and will reflower with reasonable care and feeding after the initial blooms are gone. Opt for azaleas for partial sun conditions, and enjoy their abundant flowers. Place them in a bright sunny spot once the flowers have faded, and they'll soon flower again.

Full Sun

If you have a bright sunny window or a sun room, flowering houseplants that favor full sun are an excellent choice. Indoors, a hibiscus plant offers stunning flowers on a constant basis with adequate lighting. Jasmine is another long-term plant option, putting out delicate flowery vines on a constant basis. Ornamental peppers are another good choice for sunny spots, offering up an array of small flowers for several weeks. Flowering kale is a common but quite elegant option for a sunny spot. Again, discard the plant once its beauty fades.

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