How to Design a Tuscan Garden


Tuscan garden style has elements that make it different from other gardens, yet it shares many of the same plants and features common to all Mediterranean landscapes. Olive trees, fountains, terra cotta urns, patio space and brightly colored flowers surrounded by hedges and shrubs are all found in a Tuscan garden.

Step 1

Consider your space. You may want to select a specific garden area to feature Tuscan elements.

Step 2

Look at pictures of Tuscan gardens in books and magazines and select the garden elements that you want to include.

Step 3

Plan a patio area with large trees for shade and a comfortable table and chairs for dining outside. Include terra-cotta pots and urns for plants.

Step 4

Choose a stone fountain in the Italian style found in gardens in Tuscany. Surround it with plants and a bench or other seating for enjoying the fountain. Include terra-cotta pots and urns to display plants.

Step 5

Plan to have garden spaces defined by hedges and planted with colorful annual and perennial flowers. Include citrus trees and herbs in the planting area near the house.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden design books featuring Tuscan gardens
  • Mediterranean plant list


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