Information on Plant Cuttings


Plant cuttings offer one way to produce a new plant asexually. Asexual plant reproduction means that the DNA of only one plant is used to make a new one. This type of propagation yields a clone of the parent plant. A cutting refers to a piece of a parent plant that is removed and encouraged to grow roots so it can thrive on its own.

Where to Initially Place Plant Cuttings

Some of the media in which plant cuttings can be immediately placed in are water, soil, vermiculite, sand and peat.

Proper Media Conditions

The plant cutting media needs to be well drained but able to retain some moisture so it doesn't have to be watered frequently.

Tools for Plant Cuttings

Plant cuttings can be made with a sterilized sharp blade such as a razor or scissors.


Plant cuttings have a better chance of thriving when the air around them is moist. It can be kept humid by placing the cutting inside a plastic bag or by covering it with a plastic lid.


Cuttings from a plant's roots don't need light until they have sprouted shoots. Leaves and stems need indirect sunlight.


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