How to Plant a Garden From Seeds


Planting a garden from seeds takes time and careful planning. Check the growing zone you live in for frost dates, the expected last frost in the spring and the first expected frost in the fall. Knowing this will help you decide what seeds to plant and when. Choose an appropriate location for the types of plants you desire to grow. Vegetables need a sunny location; flowers will need full sun to shade depending on the species and variety.

Step 1

Rake the prepared garden bed to even out the soil after the danger of frost has passed. Use the hoe to make shallow, even trenches in the soil.

Step 2

Put labels on the garden markers and write the names and varieties of the plants you will be sowing. Place the garden markers in the ground at the beginning of each row.

Step 3

Sow the garden seeds by placing them in the shallow trenches. Gently sprinkle small seeds along the trenches. Place medium and large seeds at least 1 inch apart in the trench.

Step 4

Lightly cover each row of seeds using the hoe. Water your garden to moisten the soil; do not soak completely. Water when the soil begins to appear dry.

Step 5

Add fertilizer to the garden bed after the seeds have sprouted and the seedlings have at least two full leaves.

Step 6

Water the garden regularly to keep the soil moist. Mature plants require watering every other day.

Things You'll Need

  • Prepared garden bed
  • Seed packets
  • Garden markers
  • Labels
  • Permanent marker


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