Vertical Garden Container Ideas

Get creative when considering what to use as vertical garden containers. Anything large enough to hold a trellis will hold the right amount of plants to climb upon it. Vertical garden containers save space, which means you don't have to spend all that work digging soil and pulling weeds. Container gardens allow you to take advantage of sunny areas that may be paved or otherwise unsuitable for gardening in the ground.

Whiskey Barrels

Half-size whiskey barrels, available at most larger home and garden centers, are an appropriate size and shape in which to erect a traditional bean pole. Whether you use three or four poles evenly spaced around the perimeter, it still leaves plenty of room to plant beans at the base of the poles. In the center of the container, plant lettuce or other cool weather greens. The beans will shade them from the hot summer sun, and you'll get double the amount of crops from a single container.

Concrete Planters

Concrete urns or planters are available in many sizes and shapes from 18 inches up to several feet in diameter. These planters are used as landscaping features in public parks, along city streets, and near the entrances to large public buildings. They are all large enough to accommodate a trellis and as many plants as can scramble up it. Concrete planters are heavy enough to accommodate vines that grow large vegetables, such as squash and melons. The containers won't become top-heavy or blow over in high winds.

Bales of Hay

Plant vertical crops in bales of hay for a single-use container for vertical plants. Set them on soil and drive lengths of concrete reinforcing rebar through the hay and into the ground. Slip PVC piping over the exposed pieces of rebar to make the upright sides of a trellis and add a top crosspiece. Finish by attaching black plastic garden netting to the piping. Put down a 4- to 6-inch layer of a mixture of soil and compost on top of the bale of hay, and plant your vegetable vine crops directly into the soil-compost mix.

Large Pots

Indoor plant pots at least 18 inches in diameter can be used for small vegetable vining garden plants. Use bamboo garden stakes to make a cone-shaped trellis, similar to a bean pole. Regular pots in larger sizes can be used as well. Adjust the size of the trellis, making it shorter for smaller pots. This will keep the container from becoming top-heavy as the plants grow.

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