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The amaryllis is a flowering bulb. Popular as an indoor winter plant, the amaryllis is suited to outdoor gardens in temperate climates. Whether left in the ground or dug up and replanted annually, the amaryllis blooms year after year.


The large trumpet flowers grow on a stalk 2 to 3 feet tall. Long slender leaves are 1 to 2 inches wide and up to 18 inches long.


Amaryllis blooms in shades of white, red, pink or salmon. Some flowers are striped or multicolored.


Choose large bulbs for large flowers as the bulb size directly relates to plant size.


The bulb can be forced to bloom about six weeks after planting by exposing about half the bulb above the soil and placing the pot in a cool, bright location until the bulb sprouts.


Propagate amaryllis from seeds, from the small bulbs that grow next to the main bulb, or by splitting mature bulbs into three or four plant sections.


Amaryllis may not bloom if the soil is too rich or too wet. In shade, the plant can become spindly and fail to bloom.


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