How to Feed a Leyland Cypress


Leyland cyrpress are evergreen trees that easily adapt to and thrive in varied and even poor soil conditions. With abundant water and regular fertilization leyland cypress will perform optimally remaining a deep green with little browning and vigorous growth. Use a combination of slow release synthetic fertilizers and organic fertilizers rich in micro-nutrients for best results.

Step 1

Apply a granular slow release fertilizer in either a 9-month or 14-month release period formula. Sprinkle the fertilizer around the roots area and out at least a foot past the drip line of the cypress. Lay down the fertilizer in the early spring to provide year-round feeding and repeat when the release period has concluded. Use the amount recommended on the package label for the acreage to be covered.

Step 2

Feed leyland cypress with an organic fertilizer, such as fish emulsion, to supplement the work of chemical slow release fertilizers by adding micro-nutrients and stoking microbial action in the soil. Apply according to the package directions at least twice, and up to six times, a year.

Step 3

Water in each fertilizer application deeply to mix with the top soil and begin the percolation process of nutrients down into the soil. Keep the soil around your leyland cypress lightly moist to moist at all times and do not allow the soil to become parched.

Things You'll Need

  • 9 or 14-month slow-release fertilizer
  • Fish emulsion
  • Water


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