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Ficus trees come in several common varieties, ranging from names such as Midnight to Hawaiian. These trees are very common household plants but can easily be grown outdoors as well to complement the landscape around your house. They are easy to maintain, but the main complaint is that the leaves yellow and fall off easily, usually during the winter and during a change of surroundings. Keep some key tips in mind so your ficus tree is kept healthy and thriving, including the proper way to water a ficus using a slow-release fertilizer.

Step 1

Make sure you don't overwater your ficus tree as this is one of the most common mistakes people make when caring for their tree. Always feel the surface of the soil, and only water it if the soil feels dry about 1 inch below the surface. Over watering can cause the ficus leaves to turn yellow and fall off.

Step 2

Provide humidity if possible by misting the ficus foliage around twice a day. If this is too much work, make a humidity tray by filling the sauce under the plant with gravel to catch runoff water. This water will provide additional humidity.

Step 3

Keep the ficus tree in an area with bright light where it will get sunshine about six hours per day in the morning and early afternoon.

Step 4

Fertilize your ficus tree monthly with a slow-release fertilizer, especially during the growing season. Make sure to follow the fertilizer directions correctly as it differs for different regions and fertilizers. Withhold fertilizer in the winter months.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Mister
  • Fertilizer
  • Saucer


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