Good Flowers to Put in Pots

Houseplants bring added interest to indoor spaces, as well as providing oxygen, and a flowering plant brings an extra splash of color. You can also display potted flowers on your patio and in the yard. The advantage of container gardening is that you can easily move the plant if weather conditions become unfavorable or you want to change the look of your patio. You can also use containers to fill small spaces with flowering plants.


The anthurium and poinsettia grow in the Hawaiian landscape and both make excellent potted flowers. The distinctive anthurium or flamingo flower needs a bit of humidity to flourish. You can provide extra humidity by adding small rocks to a dish of water and setting the potted anthurium on the rocks, so that it is not touching the water but benefiting from the humidity created by the water.


The poinsettia, known as the Christmas plant, is often thrown out at the end of the season, when the flowers wilt after the holidays. But the plant can be saved if it is cut back in late spring and repotted in fresh soil. For it to re-flower, it needs alternate light and darkness. One way to achieve this is to place the plant in a closet from late afternoon to morning, beginning in late September and through October.

Garden Flowers

Bougainvilleas are a popular landscape bush, green with a burst of colorful paper-thin, petal-like bracts. Most assume the bracts are the flowers, yet the actual flowers are tucked inside the bracts. Bougainvilleas can be grown in containers or pots, and can be trained to vine. Other popular garden flowers which do well in pots include the begonia, camellia, azalea, jasmine, gardenia, hibiscus, morning glory, hyacinth, hydrangea, petunia and geranium.

African Violets

African violets are delicate plants that should be planted in pots designed specifically for them. The pot used for an African violet has two parts, one for the plant and soil, and the second larger pot for the water. They do not tolerate drastic condition changes and do well in bright, indirect or filtered sunlight.


For rose lovers, the miniature rose is suited for containers and can be grown indoors. The small rose bush flowers year-round. Miniature rose bushes need at least four hours of direct sunlight a day to flourish and should be fertilized twice a month. A miniature rose plant isn't the only rose that will thrive in a container. Planting rose bushes in containers allows you to enjoy a rose garden on the patio or balcony. Varieties of roses that are suited for containers include: angel face, Bahia, cathedral, charisma, electron, Europeana, first edition, garden party, Gene Boerner, impatient, intrigue, ivory fashion, marina, mon cheri, new year, redgold, sarabande, showbiz and sun flare.

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