How to Remove Rose of Sharon Trees


If you're finding your rose of Sharon tree to be too vigorous of a grower, or it has become so old that no amount of pruning seems to brighten it up, it may be time to remove it. To remove rose of Sharon trees you need a sturdy shovel and a friend or two, depending on the size of the plant. If you're going to transplant it to a better spot, be sure you select somewhere in full sun with loose, moist soil.

Step 1

Watch the rose of Sharon in fall and wait for all of the leaves to drop. Near the end of fall, the plant should be in its dormant stage.

Step 2

Start digging around the plant working a foot away from the trunk and smaller shoots. Push the shovel straight down as much as possible to keep the root ball intact.

Step 3

Work down into the soil up to a foot deep to expose and loosen the entire root ball. If your plant is smaller or not as well established, you may not need to work so deep into the soil.

Step 4

Lift the root ball and plant out of the ground to remove the tree. Having a friend pull at the trunk while you lift can make the job easier for larger, heavier plants. Fill in the hole with any remaining dirt and garden soil.

Step 5

Cut the root ball in half vertically with the shovel and then again to create quarters. Wrap each quarter plant in damp burlap, tying it with string to secure, or place the four plants in containers.

Step 6

Give these plants to neighbors, family, or plant them in other portions of your yard and garden. If the root balls of the quarter portions are larger than a grapefruit, they can be sliced in half again to create more plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Garden soil
  • Damp burlap and string, or container
  • Pruners, if needed
  • Mulch, optional


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