Flower Container Ideas

You want to decorate the outside of your house with pots of flowers, but you don't want the same old planters that every neighbor on the block owns. Garden centers around the country offer the same old pots, year after year. This year, do something different and creative when planting your container flower garden. Flowers can grow in any container that will hold soil and allow water to drain, so get creative when creating your flower containers.


Old boots or high-top tennis shoes make attractive and amusing planters for flowers or trailing plants. Fill the boot with potting soil, plant the flower at the top, and place a set of boots on the porch steps.

Olive oil cans

Many olive oil cans have attractive designs printed on them. Carefully cut off the top of the can and clean it thoroughly. Punch holes in the bottom of the can for drainage. Put a layer of pea gravel in the bottom of the can, fill with potting soil and plant. These planters look attractive with big fluffy petunias growing out of them. Try one on the edge of every step of an outdoor staircase.

Coffee mugs

Put a generous layer of gravel and stone in the bottom of a coffee mug and fill with potting soil. Plant with a marigold or violet plant, or another small flowering plant. Arrange a collection of coffee-cup planters on a porch or patio table center.

Popcorn bowl

Recycle an old chipped popcorn bowl into an attractive dish garden. Place a layer of rocks in the bottom of the bowl and fill it wth potting soil. Plant with a mixture of flowers like pansy and violet with some trailing vines. Place the bowl in the center of a patio table.

Easter baskets

Old Easter baskets or other decorative baskets make attractive planters for a front porch. Line the basket with black plastic, and punch drain holes in the plastic. Fill the basket with potting soil. Plant a generous amount of flowers such as petunias or chrysanthemums. Basket planters look very nice with one on either side of a doorway.

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